Joshua is a creative and innovative journalist 

"Joshua is a creative and innovative journalist – across text, photo, and video formats – and consistently delivers distinctive storytelling for international audiences on deadline. He is collaborative, personable, and always with a "can-do" attitude. I was Joshua's manager and editor on both daily news and big regional stories such as the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines MH-370, Myanmar refugees and human trafficking in Malaysia. In his work, Joshua develops contacts and earns the trust of his sources, giving him unique access that put us ahead of the competition. He is a problem solver and communicates well from the field. Joshua is highly skilled in producing both stills and video, and his reporting has earned him bylines on many text stories. Joshua will be an asset and game changer on any team."

Charles Dharapak, former Deputy News Director - Production, Asia-Pacific, The Associated Press.

"My experiences with Joshua Paul, as journalist and human being in general, have been extremely positive. I have found his images to be arresting and memorable, and his personality to be friendly, collaborative and engaging. His work with our MH370 coverage in particular stands out as helping us produce a top-quality visual news report around the aftermath of the plane's disappearance. I think he'd be a strong addition to any team."

Ted Anthony, Director of Asia-Pacific News, The Associated Press. 

"I would like to say that my two plus years working with Joshua has been a great pleasure. He has a wonderful eye and a great friendly personality which is a added plus to his photography skills. I wish him well in his future endeavors and I am positive he will be a big success." 

Mark Baker, South East Asia Photo Editor, The Associated Press.

'I worked with Josh in May 2018, covering the Malaysia's transformative elections for SBS Australia. He's an incredibly talented videographer with great contacts (far more a shooter/producer than a cameraman), but beyond that, he's extremely professional and a lovely guy, who'll go above and beyond to produce an excellent, beautifully shot, often creative story. We worked late, long and hard, and through it all, it was a pleasure. He's a wonderful visual storyteller, and I'm looking forward to working with him again.'

Nastasya Tay, Sr. Correspondent, SBS Australia.

"Joshua is our freelance shooter in malaysia, he has been a great help in our coverage of various news related events in The country since 2016. He is also fluent in the lingo and workflow of broadcast and news video production. Easy to work with and a problem solver. A good addition in any media production team."

Syawalludin Zain, video journalist, The Associated Press. 

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